FURA – Fundi’s career event for students interested in real estate economics.

FURA 18 will be held 18.1.208 @Design Factory !

FURA17 was organized 1.2.2017 @Desing Factory, 3.30 p.m. – 7 p.m.

FURA17 brought together the future real estate professionals and interesting companies in the real estate field. There were different real estate companies (CBRE, Green Building Partners, JLL, Newsec, Ovenia and Realia) who presented career opportunities and introduced their work. There were speakers who did introduce their career steps and how they made it to the current position. Speakers’ in FURA17 were Mikael Wadsten (Rics), Mikko Iivonen (Leimd√∂rfer), Jyrki Karjalainen (HOK-Elanto) and Jussi Rouhento (Northern Horizon).