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Rules for excursions

Every actual member of Fundi ry who has paid the current year’s membership fee has the right to participate the excursions. The freshmen also have the right to participate the excursions during the period which they are liberated from the membership fee (first school semester).

Excursions are published at Fundi website ( as soon as they’re confirmed if possible. Also, an e-mail is sent to the fundi members’ mailing list two weeks before the time of the excursion where the host, the place, the time and the registration date are listed, if possible. Registration date is usually at the latest a week before the date of the excursion.

Registration to Fundi’s excursions is done via the registration form in Fundi’s website (event calendar), usually at the latest one week before the date of the excursion. If the host of the excursion hasn’t requested the excursion to be targeted to any specific group of students, the participants to the excursion will be chosen in the order of registration. In any case the priority is the people who did not participate Fundi’s last excursion. The number of participants is decided by the host of the excursion.

The member of Fundi’s board who has been handling the arrangements with the excursion host will choose the appropriate amount of members, in the order of registration, to participate the excursion who qualify by the following rules: a) they have paid the annual membership fee, b) haven’t participated to Fundi’s previous excursion, c) haven’t cancelled their participation after the due date for informing of cancellation. The board member will then sent the chosen participants an e-mail confirming their selection to the excursion. Only the members who have received the information of being selected from a member of Fundi’s board are welcomed to participate the excursion. In the same e-mail the board member will inform the participants about all the additional information concerning the excursion e.g. the dress code or a possible collective transportation to the excursion.


5.1. Arriving at the place of the excursion
If a board member hasn’t informed about a collective transportation to the place of the excursion, every participant will arrive there independently. It is always good to arrive the place of the excursion at least 10 minutes before the beginning of the excursion. If a participant is late from an excursion, he must inform the board member who informed the participants about being selected to the excursion.

5.2. Dress code
The dress code for Fundi’s excursions is usually smart casual, if not informed otherwise. In practice this means e.g. trousers or slacks and a dress shirt or a blouse.


6.1. The deadline of a cancellation
If a participant can’t make it to the excursion he has registered, he must inform the member of the board who sent the e-mail confirming the selection to the excursion, at least the day before the excursion at 12:00. If a participant doesn’t cancel his participation within this time period he will lose his right to participate the next excursion. You will lose the right to participate the next excursion also if you don’t arrive to the excursion which you have been chosen to participate.

6.2. Free places due to cancellations
If places for participants become available to the excursion due to cancellations they are given to the people on reserve with the same principals as the primary spots. Members themselves are not allowed to give their places to others. If the person who is on reserve is not reached within reasonable time, the spot is given to the next person in the reserve line. If there is no one on reserve or the people on reserve can’t make it to the excursion or they are not reached within a reasonable time, the board will give the spots to a member who can make it to the excursion.

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